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Venetian Style Tiles

Venetian glass tiles have a smooth, glossy surface that offer a surprising depth of color, and the addition of these tiles to your kitchen or bathroom can really make a big difference in the look and feel of the room. These tiles usually come in uniform depth and size, but the variety of colors, patterns, and blends give you some real flexibility in the design. A blue green copper glass tile blend may fit perfectly in a room where you’re trying to create a fun atmosphere, but a deep plum copper may be the better choice if you want to create a warmer feeling.

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Glass Tile Warehouse Venetian Styles

Venetian style tiles can really change the look of the entire room, even if it’s just a small installation behind the kitchen sink. Take a look at our range of tiles and find the colors, patterns and prices that work for you.

The quality of your tile will directly impact the result of your installation, and at Glass Tile Warehouse we are committed to only providing the highest quality materials possible. There are no seconds or overstocks in our selection, and we only keep the most recent and popular styles in stock. You won’t find anything outdated or unstylish here.

The colors on these Venetian tiles are through-body kiln fired. That means they will stand the test of time, and the colors won’t fade or peel since it’s not just painted on. When you invest in these tiles, you expect a certain amount of durability, and we can provide the quality you expect at discounted prices.

At Glass Tile Warehouse we want to make sure you have everything you need to complete your projects, and we offer a 60-guarantee so you can shop totally risk free. Take some time to look through all these elegant and stylish tiles to find the ones that will accentuate your room and add a little flare to your home.

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Use our convenient tile calculator to help you determine how much tile you should order, factoring in cuts and waste around the edges. 10% overage is recommended.

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