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Tile Trims and Accents

Trim tile can offer that professional finishing touch to almost any tile project and give it that completed look that holds everything together. Adding tile trims and accents is a great opportunity to add both functionality and style, whether you’re working on a countertop, floor, or shower. The right trim or border can make or break a project, so make sure you get the right materials for the job.

Trim and Accents Finishing Glass Tile Touches

The shapes, colors, patterns and designs of these trims can really accentuate what you’ve done with the rest of the tile layout while hiding the unsightly edges of the field tiles. These bold glass tiles can complement a range of tile designs, while the ceramic tapestry borders perfectly augment and enhance the overall design. Take a look through our current selection and find the trim tiles that fit your project, match your style, and make your project look amazing.

Whether you’re finishing up a row of tiles, covering the edge of a tub, or using tile to create a border between the bottom of the tile and the floor, these high quality trims and accents will let you finish the job with style and more than a little professionalism. At Glass Tile Warehouse we are committed to providing the highest quality materials at the best prices, so you can add those finishing touches that really make a difference.

All tiles are kiln fired, so you never have to worry about it getting scratched or chipped. This process also means the colors won’t fade or peel as the years go by and the tiles see a lot of wear. When you’ve done the job right, these tiles will last for a very long time while maintaining that great appearance.

At Glass Tile Warehouse we are committed to providing the kind of service you deserve, and we offer same or next day shipping on orders that are made before 1pm EST. We understand how important it is to get the trim tiles from the same manufacturer as the field tiles, so the designs, shades, and colors all work well together, and we will help you get the quantity, quality, and designs you really need. Take a look at our selection and get everything you need to put the finishing touches on your project.

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