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Brick Style Tiles

Brick style tiles are one of the most classic designs for tile installation, and at Glass Tile Warehouse we have a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure you get exactly what you need for your next project. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic blend of textures and colors or a solid wall of subtle, yet distinct, shades and hues, we make it easy to find the tiles that add some real beauty and depth to your design.

Brick by Brick

A brick pattern is simple and traditional, but with the right materials it can give you a look that is extremely modern and contemporary or classical and elegant. Some muted blues will provide a calm, cooling effect, while deeper ambers or glossy browns can provide a warmer feel. Take a look at our current stock of tiles and find the glass tile bricks that work for you.

Whether you’re using a pewter-textured gem-style brick or a clear blue matte tile blend, Glass Tile Warehouse can provide all the tiles you need to get the results you want. These glass tiles can provide an elegant, sleek look to the room, or you can build something a little more industrial with a combination of rich brown and red frosted brick tiles. We maintain a wide selection of tiles that work well in the traditional brick pattern and can give your home the look you want.

The colors on these tiles won’t fade or peel over time, and scratches and chips can’t ruin it either because it is kiln fired onto the back of the tile. This means the vibrant or understated tones can last for years, no matter how much wear and tear they see. We also only sell tiles that are frost proof and chemical resistant, so you can confidently use common household cleaners to maintain the appearance.

At Glass Tile Warehouse we can help you finish your tiling project brick by shiny brick. We want you to get the best results possible, and that means always using the highest quality materials. We never sell seconds or overstocks, and we won’t carry designs and styles that have long since lost their appeal. Order your brick tiles today and take advantage of our discount prices, 60-day guarantee, and fast shipping procedures.

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Use our convenient tile calculator to help you determine how much tile you should order, factoring in cuts and waste around the edges. 10% overage is recommended.

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